Heaven demon second role quest

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Heaven demon second role quest

Post  O_Long on Mon May 18, 2009 3:51 pm

I looked up on 9d forum and found this

Heavenly Demon - Road to the Dragon Chapter II
Doing all of the quests in Chapter II will take approximately two hours.

Rewards include:
- Experience
- Clan Contribution Points
- Gold
- Good Karma
- 1 shirt, 1 hat & 1 pair of shoes
- 1 Advanced Heavenly Demon Manual (Cheng 10, x4)
- New Epithet (Demon Disciple)


Elegy for a Lone Traveler
Go back to the training area where you killed the Bloodhorn Chimeras. Kill Chimeras until you receive the quest item. Report back to the Soul Catcher
Reward: Clan Contribution points, Gold, 10 Good Karma as well as a choice of three hats:
- Coronet of Heavenly Serpent (HP+40, Dodge +13)
- Coronet of Earthly Serpent (VE+20, Dodge +13)
- Coronet of Spirit Serpent (AT RT+4, Dodge +13)

Nocturnal Madness
Kill 10 Tarantulas
These are located in the very southeast of the map, approximately coordinates 83 179

- Report back to the marked NPC in Yanmo
- Go back to Shi Zhang
- Buy 2 Bamboo Leaf Liquors in advance
- Talk to the tavern owner, give her some liquor
- Talk to the Smithy, give him some liquor too Rolling Eyes
- Kill Tie Jiaosan. He resides in the "haunted" forest, approximately coordinates 663 943.

- Return to Yanmo, and speak to the Soul Carnal
Reward: 300 gold and 10 Good Karma

Three Villains of Mei Mountain
-Kill Yang Kun. When you go up the stairs towards the Forest of Confucious, look to your immediate left. Yang Kun should spawn there, near coordinates 490 414

- Yang Kun left a chest behind. Just past the Tiger Fang stronghold, there is a chest that respawns every few minutes on the white beach. Approximate coordinates 640 791

- Go back to Yanmo to continue your quest.
Reward: Gold, Clan Contribution Points, Good Karma, as well as a choice of three shirts:
- Death Angel Shirt (HP +40)
- Blue Demon Shirt (AT RT +4)
- Gold Demon Shirt (VE +20)

Warning: These shirts do not have pockets.

Demon's Spy
- Go back to Shi Zhang in order to find Yi Mei's treasure box. Kill the blind madmen near the Tiger Fang Stronghold.
- Go back to Hua Yan in Xinnan Village
- Go back to Soul Catcher in Yanmo.
Reward: Gold, Clan Contribution Points, Good Karma, as well as a choice of two pairs of shoes:
- Funu's Heavenly Shoes (HP +40)
- Fushu's Earthly Serpent Shoes (VE +20)

Bloodpriestess Moonmaiden now asks you to kill another Blind Madman. You get an item list. Go back to Xinnan.

Deep Friendship (I)
One of your fellow Heavenly Demon disciples goes to Tangshang Ferry to check things out.
-Talk to the NPC
Reward: 257 Experience and 1000 gold

Deep Friendship (II)
- Talk to Doctor NPC
- Pick up Shi Fojun's shoe (Approx. coordinates: 712 802). The boot spawns north from the Forest of Confucious, JUST past the gray bridge.

- Report to the disciple nearby
- Kill the Secret Shadow Clan leaders nearby (Approximate coordinates: 742 785)

- Report back to the disciple
- Go back to Xinnan Village
Reward: 257 Experience and 1000 gold

Deep Friendship (III)
- Talk to Doctor NPC
- Go to marked "?" near Tangshang Ferry. Ooh, he's mad.
- Go back to Yanmo and report to Moonmaiden
Reward: 515 Experience and 2000 gold

Group of Mourners
- Talk to Ghost
- Afterwards, talk to Page Ling. He'll concoct a potion, but he needs Demon Blood.
- Kill a replica of the green toad (aka the Demon) that spawns near the area LEFT of the Cave of Light (Coordinates: 406 433)

Reward: 889 Experience and 2000 gold

Riding the Tiger - Order of events confirmed 4/30/08

- You first go to Ling to start the quest
- Talk to Ling again
- Go to Hefei
- Speak to Tian Fei (Marked "?" on the map)
- Speak to Tian again
- Go back to Shi Zhang, Kill an Earthworm (They spawn in the Hall of Bloody Ghost) 2*. After you have killed one, you will receive the quest item.
- Go back to Ling to finish the quest
Thank you, Rafcik_PL!

- Go back to Mount Yanmo, Talk to Ling to get your reward
Reward: 889 Experience, 5000 gold, and 1 Manual of Demon Advanced (III) [Cheng 10, x4]

Eve of the Battle 1
- Report to Soul Catcher
- Go to all the "?" marked NPCs and find out more of the relationship between Cao Yingjie and Shi Fojun. (Apparently, nobody knows anything about them at all)
Reward: 1823 Experience and 5000 gold

Eve of the Battle 2
- Go back to Shi Zhang and kill the Wu-Tang mob that appears on the road from Mei Mountain to the Forest of Confucius

- Go back to Yanmo
Reward: 1823 Experience and 4000 gold

Eve of the Battle 3
- Report to Bloodpriestess Moonmaiden
- Go to Xinnan in Shi Zhang. Talk to the doctor NPC
- Talk to the Doctor's granddaughter (Marked "?" on the map)
- Kill Sima Hong (near the same place as when you found the white clan monsters in Eve of Battle 2 [Coordinates: 527 342])

- Report back to the granddaughter.
- Report back to the Soul Catcher.
Reward: 5 Golden Medicine(s) and Epithet Demon Disciple

Demon Disciple Epithet gives:
- Maximum Life + 100
-Maximum Vital Energy + 50
-Critical Dodge Rate +500/10000
-Defense +60
-CK Defense + 60

Melodies of a Friend
- Talk to Bloodpriestess
- Talk to the granddaughter in Shi Zhang (Xinnan)
- Go to the Tomb of Lord Bao in Hefei
- Speak to the elderly lady
Reward: 1344 Experience and 1000 gold

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